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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Wu Long Shen Kuntao


                                            Teachings from Sifu Mike Barr


                                                   2023 Tournament Sat March 11th
             8am registration 9am Black Belt Meeting

                  9:30 tournament starts on time !!!!                    


Class Schedule: 


Tuesday 6:00 to 7:00pm                    Canandaigua in person

Tuesday 6:00 to 8:00 pm                   Advanced Class Drop in at Fairport Kung Fu $20.00 fee 

Wednesday  6:00 pm                          Canandaigua in person

Wednesday 6 to 7 pm                         Canandaigua in person                                       

Thursday  6 to 7 pm                             Canandaigua in person

Friday 6 to 7 pm                                    Canandaigua in person

Saturdays  8 to 10 am                          Advanced Class    Canandaigua in person

Saturdays 12 to 5pm                           Monthly Mike Barr Seminars Canandaigua & Fairport Schools (Cost $40.00)
                                                                  ( Advanced Ranks only) Dates announced on both Facebook pages

* Stay home if you feel sick in any way

 Tuition   $75.00 (month) 

First  week of class is no charge. Please see our application and waiver links below. They are very simple to read and understand.

                                              There are no tricky contracts or collection agencies used at our school ! 



  A local school has been investigated and fined by the Attorney General of New York State. 

Three year contracts and bait & switch tactics are not normal in this industry nor should you be made to believe that. This has been going on for years and the community deserves better. Do yourself a favor and google search the contract company's name these people use and look at their 1 and 2 star Yelp reviews. The reviews speak for themselves. These con artists have no morals and are a disgrace to the Martial Arts community. It is sad to see people who have no idea of how airtight these contracts are get taken advantage of. 

Thank You for your time,

Charles Ash
Canandaigua Martial Arts Center LLC.

C.J.'S Pro Shop

Martial Arts Supplies(in stock)


By Appointment Only !

Uniform    size 0-5               $50.00 

Head Pads                           $25.00

Hand Pads                           $25.00

Feet Pads                             $25.00

Mouth guard                          $4.00

Cup                                        $20.00

Sash                                       $10.00

Water                                         $1.00

Candy Bars                             $1.00

School Shirts                        $13.00

School Sweat Shirts            $40.00

Charlie Ash 

phone: 585-734-7377

email : [email protected]


This is our training floor

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